Our particular areas of practice include mergers and acquisitions, funds, securities and token offerings, corporate finance, corporate transactions, banking and private lending, exits from companies, employment, intellectual property, and commercial real estate and leases, licensing and compliance and sales of goods and services and distribution agreements. Our lawyers have extensive experience in the F&B, manufacturing, technology, education, finance, and professional and financial services.

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We advise you on your business’s obligations under the law, conduct gap analysis to assist you and create policies, manuals and procedures for your business and train your team on compliance.

Consultation and Advisory services

We will listen to your story and seek to understand your objectives and parameters and provide you information on the law and our views on the legal and commercial aspects of what you want do and devise solutions for you and implement them.

Drafting and review of agreements

We review your agreements and advise you on the pitfalls, benefits, risks and liabilities in your agreements. We draft agreements by seeking to understand your needs, objectives, concerns and industry specific issues and craft agreements that are customized to your deal, relationship, industry and concerns.

Incorporation and maintenance of business vehicles

We advise on the type of business vehicles that are suitable for you, their pros and cons and set them up for you and maintain them for you in accordance with the Companies Act, and work with accountants, payroll service providers, auditors and tax agents where appropriate.


We seek to understand your business and advise you on what licences are needed or exemptions can be obtained and apply for such licences and exemptions for you.


We advise you on the terms of your deal, negotiate them and seek to get you a win-win solution for your deal.

Structuring and implementation of transactions

We advise you on the possible structures for your transactions, their pros and cons and devise solutions to implement your transactions and manage the transactions through to completion.


We introduce clients to one another where appropriate and where the clients desire such introduction.